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2013 Bake Sale!

May 1, 2013


YES! It’s happening. Apologizes for not updating this website sooner. Here’s all the important details for the 2013 San Francisco Food Blogger Bake Sale

When: Saturday May 4th, from 10AM-4PM.
Where: Omnivore Books on Food3885 Cesar Chavez St, San Francisco.

Omnivore Books partnered with us last year and we had a fabulous experience hosting the bake sale there. Also, the day of the sale *Fabio Viviana from Top Chef* will be there with a book signing! (As if home made treats from local bakers/bloggers wasn’t enticing enough!)

1. What do I bake?
The Google spreadsheet is for everyone to sign up and list what they would like to make so we can compare and make sure not everyone is bringing chocolate chip cookies!

Please sign up for the time of day you are available to help the day of the sale so that we know how many volunteers we’ll have manning the stations at all times of the day. Popular items are of course cookies, brownies,
cupcakes, muffins, quick breads.

Challenge #1: If you are up to making a whole cake, tart, or pie, that would also be very attractive and great for the sale. Last year, all the large items – cakes, pies, whole bread loaves, sold the fastest and we were
able to sell them for a lot of money! If you think you are up to it, we’ll love to see more large items this year!

Challenge #2: If you bake gluten-free, vegan, or for any other special dietary needs, there was a huge demand for these specialty items last year! Please note on the Google spreadsheet if you think you might be able to contribute any items in this department!

Please be aware there are no refrigeration facilities at Omnivore Books. Please keep this in mind when choosing what to bake. We should be out of direct sunlight, but try not to make something that won’t keep for at least a few hours – we don’t want to make people sick!

2. How much should I bake?
Bake what you are comfortable making and can afford. In order to allow as many volunteers to participate as possible, we ask that you limit your contribution to approximately 2 dozen cookies, or a large cake/pie. We received some very generous contributions from bakers last year, however we ended up with more food than we could handle. In order to keep things manageable, we’re asking that volunteers keep their contributions within these limits.

The Share Our Strength people have suggested that the ingredient costs can be considered an in-kind donation to a charity so you can try to write them off that way, but neither I nor Share Our Strength can reimburse you for the ingredients you purchase or any other items you donate to the event. Thanks for your contributions to this worthy cause!

3. How do I package/price my items?
Share Your Strength suggests having all the items packaged. Small items like cookies in plastic/cellophane baggies (there are also very cute cookie packaging supplies at The Container Store and Michael’s), or bakery boxes for larger items. Sur la Table has recently beefed up their baking supplies department and they have a lot of beautiful packaging materials. There are also local restaurant supply stores, TriMark Restaurant Supply or Kamei Restaurant Supply that might have some interesting packaging or baking supplies.

Please label your items with the ingredients, and include the name of your blog or your business! It’s good publicity!

We will have several tables available for displaying goods. I would like to give each table a price point: $3, $6, $10 and $18. Please use this as a guide when packaging your items.

$3: Individual large cookies, cupcakes, bars
$6: Slices of cake, pie, individual tarts, loaves of bread
$12: Dozen small items packaged together like small cookies, mini cupcakes
$18: Individual cakes, pies, tarts

We can adjust price points slightly but hopefully this will help you in figuring out how to package your items so when you show up you can easily figure out where your goods can go.

If you have leftover bags and boxes please consider bringing them to the sale so we have extra on hand! thanks!

4. How do we spread the word?
Please publicize the event on your blog/Facebook page/Twitter! We’d love to get the word out as much as possible.

5. When do I show up on the day of the sale? How else can I help out?  

The bake sale starts at 10 AM. We (the organizers) will be there by 8:30 AM to start setting up. We would like people to arrive between 9-9:30 to drop off your items. Please note that parking is tricky around that area. However, please feel free to stick around – there will be space for bakers and bloggers to congregate and chat, and to encourage passer-by to stop and buy something! We’d love to meet and thank you all!  

Any other questions?
I hope this helps answer most of your questions and get you excited about the bake sale! So, please go sign up and spread the word! If you have more questions, e-mail us and we’ll answer as soon as we can! We’ll also try to send out updates to see how everyone is doing as we get closer to the bake sale.

Thanks again! 
The SF Bake Sale organizers

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